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First Contact

Whenever a client or a prospective client first meets with us, we establish a full understanding of the matter and the objective of the client .


As early as possible, will give the client an indication of the legal issues to be resolved and the scope of our advisory work.

Our Charges

Our legal fees will always be discussed and agreed upon at an early stage.
Brief History of The Firm

Odeny, Maube & Co. Advocates is a partnership between Mr. Bruce Odiwuor Okombo Odeny and Mr. Fredrick Maube Muyeya, both advocates of the High Court of Kenya who share in between them over 12 years standing of unblemished legal practice.

The firm was registered on 18th November 2005 and commenced its operations in earnest on 16th July 2006. The partners came together in the month of May 2008 and resolved to establish a law firm in Kisumu which combines the wealth of their different legal experiences and their shared ambition of forming a reliable, efficient firm providing personalized legal services to their clients with the intention of building long-term relationships with their clients.

Since its inception the firm has grown to become one of Kisumu's most recognized and respected law firm. The firm intends to open a branch office in Nairobi very soon in order to be able to serve its growing base of clientele much more efficiently.

This firm has contributed generously to the vibrant form that practice of law within Western Kenya and its environs now presents. The firm has managed to cut a niche for itself within the town and Western Kenya and to be identified with the triple attributes to timeous, comprehensive and quality delivery of legal services.

Our Vision

The firm continues to make growth plans of seeking alternative dispute resolution as a growing area and likely to become mandatory hence we seek to find modes of resolving legal disputes in a manner where the time and economy are the overriding objectives.

As the East African Community continues to integrate and harmonize we seek to provide cross border legal practice and open branches within the major cities of the region.

Our Mission

The firm is geared towards constant improvement and growth and the training for young Kenyans with a view of contributing to the growth of the economy and provision of legal services that are tailor made to cater for a diverse clientele while upholding the ethical considerations of legal practice in Kenya.

Our Objective

To comprehensively provide timeous and high quality legal and commercial advisory services that will enable our clients manage their costs.


Kisumu enjoys a very strategic location for local and international trade in the Eastern African Region and is one of the Inland Tourist Accommodation centers of Kenya. The town has now been opened up to the global village with the arrival of an International Airport.

With its ever-expanding business and industrial outlook, demand has been created for practical, focused and experienced corporate legal practitioners to help business cope with the myriad problems of debt collection, insurance litigation and general advice. Bruce Odeny & Company Advocates enjoys a distinct advantage in this regard in having in it's stable advocates with previous practical corporate experience with leading multi-national and commercial companies.


Based on the aforegoing information we are confident that given the chance we shall endeavour to give you competent legal services whether it is in the areas of conveyancing, debt collection, legal advice & opinion and general litigation.